Mar 24 2016

2016 Tournament Registration and Launch Procedures

Steel City Members,

All of you have received the pocket calendar, on that calendar is the name and number of the three officers for the club.  Should you have any issues before a tournament you can call these numbers to make us aware of the situation.

The sole purpose of drawing numbers to determine the tournament launch order is to provide an orderly and safe start to our events.

Because there is no preregistration or partner draws for our tournaments, we never know exactly how many boats will be entered in any event.

Our policy is to place 15 numbers into the hat. The first boats to pay their entry fees pull from those 15 numbers. Once they are gone, we add 5 more to the hat and continue the process, adding more numbers as needed.

The “first pay, first draw” system will continue. Anyone who wishes to have a lower number in the draw must make the effort to enter the night before with Ed or arrive at the launch site early enough to pay their entry fee and draw from those first 15 numbers in the hat. If you arrive late, please realize that you will likely have a high launch number.

In general the tournament registration will be handled the night before and the location will be announced here or 30 minutes before takeoff at Ed’s Truck.  If Ed is not at the event the instructions will be posted here on the website.

This is a simple and effective process.  Try to have exact change when registering for a tournament ($25 each or $50 for a team for regular events excluding Table Rock) as this will make the process go faster.


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