Feb 22 2016

Meeting Minutes, Feb 21, 2016


Meeting began at 2:07pm

22 Members in attendance

  • Read Minutes from January Meeting
  • The Official Communications for the club are via email and that email will automatically be put on the website and shared with the Facebook Group page.  Do not rely on Facebook for up to the minute official communications, go to your email or the website.  If you do not get emails from the Club then please get with Ed so that the email addresses can be updated.
  • The pocket schedules have arrived.  They have the 2016 schedule and contact information for Larry, Mike and Ed are on the cards.  If you have an issue that delays you getting to the ramp on time (Cows on the highway, flat tire, vehicle problems, hangover, etc…)  you must contact Ed or the board members if you intend to fish.  You cannot simply show up and fish.  If you cannot contact them then leave a voice mail message and it will be sorted out at the weigh in..
  • The Schedule with Permits are posted on the website.  Suggested lodging is also on the website but you are free to stay where you want.
  • The Tournament flyers are not yet posted to the website.  They will be posted as soon as possible.
  • If anyone knows of a new venue they would like to fish then get those thoughts into a board member so they can be reviewed and evaluated for inclusion to the schedule.
  • Review of 2016 Schedule
    • First Tournament will be at Lake Egypt on March 19th from Pyramid Acres.  The Length limit will be according to the Lake Rules will be 4 fish under 14″ and 2 fish over 16″
    • The Pomme Fall Tournament will be out of the Lighthouse Marina ramp, off limits are from the no wake buoys back to the ramp.  this is the location for our permit since several other tournaments are going out of the other state park ramp.
    • The Crab Orchard Tournament will be out of the Greenbriar Ramp
    • The Spring Pomme De Terre tournament will be out of the State Park Ramp.
  • Tournament Rules for 2016 season
    • The rules are posted on the website, we encourage everyone to read the rules. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for not abiding by the rules.
    • The Rules were read line by line by Larry at the meeting.  This was to ensure everyone had knowledge or the rules and procedures.  It is your responsibility to know the rules before the tournament.
    • The use of Cell Phones for the purpose of finding or locating fish during a tournament is prohibited and is in the rules.
  • Shielded Waters will be updated by Craig soon.  Events will be posted on the website.  Currently the old Shielded Water information is not currently on the new website..

The 50/50 drawing was won by Brian Carlson.

Carl Motioned to Adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Brian Carlson

Meeting Adjourned at 2:35pm.

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