Jan 29 2018

Meeting Minutes for 1/28/2018 General Meeting

Meeting Minutes for 1/28/2018 General Meeting

Meeting began at 2:09pm by President Larry Heagy
30 Members were in attendance (RUDY WAS LATE!)

Ed Montgomery read the minutes from the December 17,  2017 Meeting, motion to approve the minutes as read was made by Jeremy Hunter and seconded by Sergio Cortes.  All members in attendance voted to approve the minutes.

Membership dues are currently being accepted by Ed Montgomery,  The $65 annual dues are due before fishing the 2018 Season.

Larry noted several new members in attendance.  He started off the meeting by recapping the Rules and Bylaws which has made the club so successful over the years.  Only one change was made to the bylaws in recent years.  This document is the governing rules and bylaws that makes the club successful with a minimum of controversy.

Since the club is entering their 30th year Larry is planning the best even banquet for next year with some special guests from the clubs past history.  Larry shared with us many stories from the past including a bicycle club stopping by the Farmhouse at Smithland Pool.  From the discussion with the bike club someone recognized Jerry Lisenby, from the Biggest Loser reality show.  Also Larry mentioned meeting Stacey King at Table Rock and he came up to talk to the club before their tournament and the never forgotten POW, POW, POW story from the 2013 Bassmasters Classic where the group attending presented Jerry McKinnis with a poster of Cardinals baseball legend Stan Musial and that story was printed in BASS Times.  Many, many more stories were told until the bar ran out of beer then we all took a nap while Larry finished.  Look for the theme of the next banquet to be Steel City Bassmasters “Over the Years”.  Be sure to get your reservations early as it is going to be a full house.

Going on with other club business, Larry received the tournament permit for the Kentucky Lake tournament.  All Illinois Lakes Permits were received and we are still awaiting the Missouri Lakes permits. UPDATE:  All Missouri Regatta Permits were received and noted on the club schedule page.

Next meeting will be on February 18th, 2018 @ 2:00pm at the Collinsville Knights of Columbus.

Last meeting we voted to make a amendment to the club bylaws,  The amendment was simply to have the club members supply their own weigh in bags at the weigh in, no bag and you cannot weigh your fish.  Also fish from multiple anglers should not be placed in the same bag at the same time.   Jeremy Hunter highly recommended that you purchase a zippered weigh in bag so you do not drop your hard earned catch into the lake like he did a few years ago at Kentucky Lake.  He noted had he actually weighed in his fish he would have kicked Brian Cave’s ass!

The club voted with 29 members to approve the motion.  Sergio (enis) voted against the motion for which he was quickly and swiftly dealt with by the membership.  The motion passed 29-1 in favor of the motion, the bylaws will be revised and posted on the club website with a revision date of 1/28/2018.  If you have older club bylaws please discard them as the new 1/28/2018 Bylaws are the governing body for the club.

Mark @ Bluff City tackle has asked for a club roster to offer the club members a discount off or your purchases.  He will keep track of the purchases throughout the year and will decide if future discounts are available.  March 3rd is the Steel City/ Bluff City Tackle day where all of the members are invited to Bluff City Tackle for some great conversation and friendship.  This is a great way to get the club kicked off with the new discount program Mark has implemented.  Afterwords the members of legal age are invited by Sergio to go to Fast Eddies where he has graciously volunteered to purchase food and beverages for the entire club due to the heartache he put them through by voting NO on the bylaws amendment.

Larry recapped the tournament procedures.

A motion was made by Johnny MO at 3:20pm to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Rudy Cardenas.

Meeting adjourned.  The winner of the 50/50 has asked me not to divulge their identity as they wanted to keep their newfound winnings away from his spouse.   He said she does not need any more shoes!


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