Nov 14 2016

Meeting Minutes for 11/13/2016 General Meeting

Meeting began at 2:07pm

23 Members in attendance

  • Read Minutes from February 2016 Meeting
  • Normally the first Winter meeting is the after the last tournament but that could not be done due to the date of the Table Rock Tournament.  The membership dues are being collected now, the dues are $65 each and each member will get raffle tickets to sell to offset their cost of participation.  The dues will be collected at teh Table Rock Tournament as well as the Winter meetings.  The Raffle Tickets will be available until the banquet.  After the banquet you will just pay your dues with no exchange of raffle tickets.
  • The Table Rock Tournament is next Saturday.  The Table Rock Event will have the Dana BBQ on Saturday night.  Unfortunately neither Pete Wenners nor Brian Snowden will be able to attend our meeting on Friday night so we do not have a guest speaker unless “One Verse Wayne” wants to give us some fishing pointers.  Jack Watkins will donate some attendance prizes to the 6th through 16th place finishers to be given out on Saturday night at the BBQ and awards event.
  • Nominations for Officers took place:
    • Lary Heagy President – Unopposed
    • Mike Vallino – Vice President – Unopposed
    • Ed Montgomery – Sec/Treasurer/Webmaseter – Unopposed
  • Nominations for the 7 board positions took place.
    • John Morris
    • Sergio Cortes
    • Paul Davis
    • Mike Anderson
    • Frank Wilcoxon
    • Russ Rensing
    • Steve Ficker
    • Brian Carlson
    • Carl Gansner
    • Rocky Horrighs
    • Rick Ficker
    • Joey Ozanich
    • Jeremy Hunter
    • Barry Koblitz
    • Brian Cave (Must attend Table Rock to be eligible).
  • Please ensure that your email addresses are correct.
  • Let’s Go Fishing Show is Jan 6-8, 2017.  As usual we will be having a group dinner at Zapatas on that Saturday evening after the show.
  • Covered the 2016 results to date, all results are on the website and pushed to the Group Facebook page..
  • After 17 Seasons the tournament entry fee remained at $25 per entry.  Since we cut the number of events down to 10 is was motioned by Jeremy Hunter and seconded by Steve Ficker to raise the tournament entry fee to $35 per event with $25 going towards the payout and $10 to the club.  The motioned passed with 23 YES votes and 0 NO votes.  To summarize:  The tournament entry fee for 2017 will now be $35.
  • Reviewed the 2017 Proposed Tournament published last week on the website.  Motion to approve the schedule was made by Mike Anderson and seconded by Rick Ficker.  There were 23 YES votes and 0 NO votes.  We will have 11 events in 2017.  Here are some additional notes on the tournament discussion:  The website will have the revised schedule.
    • Pomme De Terre is a 2 Day Event
    •  Motion was mode to have Kentucky Lake August tournament a 2 day Event.  Motion passed with 18 YES votes and 5 NO votes.
    • Table Rock Spring Tournament was discussed to have a 2 day tournament.  a Motion was made to keep it at 1 day due to the driving distance.  19 YES Votes and 4 NO votes.
    • Table Rock Fall Tournament was discussed to make it a two day tournament.  A Motion was made to keep it at 1 day and there were 20 YES votes and 3 NO Votes.
    • Table Rock Tournaments will currently still be only 1 day events.
  • For all Tournaments the official start time will be approximately 30 minutes before official sunrise to the nearest half hour and will run for 9 hours.  A motion was made and there were 23 YES votes and 0 NO Votes.  The board will update the tournament flyers to the appropriate start times and the times will not be changed during the season unless for safety reasons.  The weigh in times will also be announced prior to kickoff in the morning.
  • The annual Awards Banquet will be held on January 21, 2017 at the Knights of Columbus in Collinsville.  Carl Gansner is in charge of the food for the banquet, he asked if last years menu was acceptable for this year.  The General Consensus was that the food was good and he will go with the same for this year.
  • Darin Harnetiaux will arrange the deserts for the banquet again this year..
  • Next Meeting is December 18th.
  • 50/50 winner was Darin Harnetiaux
  • Meeting Adjourned at 3:18pm.

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