Dec 03 2017

Meeting Minutes for 12/03/2017 General Meeting

Meeting began at 2:18pm by President Larry Heagy
19 Members were in attendance

Ed Montgomery read the minutes from the February 2017 Meeting, motion to approve the minutes as read was made by Frank Wilcoxon and seconded by Rick Ficker.  All members in attendance voted to approve the minutes.

Membership dues are currently being accepted by Ed Montgomery,  You can get your raffle tickets when you pay the dues.

Larry brought up the topic of decreased attendance at the events.   Jeremy called Brain a bad word.  A general discussion was had and talked about opening up membership to new members.   Ed receives 2-3 requests a month and Larry received 10+ requests and calls per month about new members.  After discussion Mike Anderson made a motion to add 25 new members to the club.  Seconded by Chad Carlson and motion was passed unanimously    Therefore effective immediately the membership is now open to new members.  A point was made about the bylaws section that talks about removal of new members from the club who are in general not compatible with the club members, Larry mentioned the ‘asshole’ clause where every new member is on probation for the first year.

Larry reviewed the 2018 Proposed Tournament Schedule.  The club will return to a 12 tournament schedule this year.  The schedule is listed on the website and a motion to approve as published was made by Jeremy Hunter and seconded by Frank Wilcoxon.  All members except Barry voted to approve the schedule. Larry called Barry a piece of the male anatomy (as a joke since Serg was not there).  I can write anything, I bet nobody even reads it!

Officer and Board Members were discussed and nominations started.  Upon starting the nomination process Jeremy Hunter made a motion to keep the Officers and Board members the same for the 2018 season.  Upon this motion the nominations stopped and the club voted unanimously to approve all board positions.  Therefore the results are the same as 2017, you can go to the board members section and see the results.

Talk then turned to the Let’s Go Fishing show.  The booth will stay in the same place as last year but will be a little smaller as another booth space was created next to ours.  We will again be hosting the Kids Corner, Larry has lots of beads left over from last year.  We will raffle off a Lew Rod/reel combo at the show.  Brain Carlson will be the necessary City of Collinsville permits to conduct an raffle.  The club will be meeting on Saturday night for a fun evening at Zapatas.  Each member is responsible for their own purchases, the club is only organizing the tables.

Talk turned to the annual awards banquet.  Carl Gansner work tirelessly to secure the same menu as last year.  The banquet will be held on Jan. 13 and will again be at the Collinsville Knights of Columbus Hall
One Columbus Plaza Collinsville, IL 62234  map it

Joey Ozanich motioned that we adjourn the meeting and that was seconded by Carl Gansner.  Meeting adjourned at 2:48 pm which was the shortest meeting with Larry in attendance in the history of the club.

50/50 was won by Chad Carlson whom promptly spent his newfound winnings on buying more beer for everyone.


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