Dec 19 2017

Meeting Minutes for 12/17/2017 General Meeting

Meeting began at 2:20pm by President Larry Heagy
19 Members were in attendance

Ed Montgomery read the minutes from the December 3,  2017 Meeting, motion to approve the minutes as read was made by Chad Carlson and seconded by Carl Gansner.  All members in attendance voted to approve the minutes.

Membership dues are currently being accepted by Ed Montgomery,  You can get your raffle tickets when you pay the $65 annual dues.

Larry mentioned that normally the elections were held on this meeting but since the Board and Officers did an excellent job last year they were all unanimously re-elected to another term at the last meeting from a motion made by Jeremy Hunter.

The new schedule cards are done and were handed out.  We will have them at all events so be sure to pick yours up when you can.  On the schedule cards are the names and numbers of the three officers, if you happen to be running late or have any other issue while attending a tournament you must call the officers to be made aware of the situation.  Start with the president and go down the line, leave messages at sometime cell phone signals are poor in remote locations.

Larry read the major points of the bylaws and mentioned that they ahve not been changed for quite a few years and are a great basis for the club to operate under.  The last change was in Jan 2016 when the membership dues were raised and raffle tickets are given out to compensate the members for the increased dues.

A very important motion was made by Barry Koblitz and seconded by Chad Carlson to make an amendment to the bylaws.  The new bylaw is that the club will no longer supply weigh in bags at the tournaments.  The motion was made and accepted by the membership in attendance.  A final vote on this amendment will be made at the January meeting.

Each member should put this on their Christmas list if they do not already have one.  These bags can be bought at a lot of different stores such as Academy Sports, Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, Amazon, Tackle Warehouse, Gator Grip etc… and are made by a multitude of vendors such as Ardent, Duncan Bags, Bass Pro, Berkley, Lews, Gator Grip etc…   Just type in “zipper weigh in bags” into a google search and you will find a lot of them.

Bert Houston mentioned that he can teach anybody how to spoon (both on and off the water), so if you are interested in spooning with Bert then give him a call.

Joey Ozanich brought his tackle shop to the meeting and it is getting noticeably smaller selling baits to members at a great price..

The Let;s Go Fishing Show will be at the Collinsville Gateway Center on January 5-7, 2018.  The booth will stay in the same place as last year but will be a little smaller as another booth space was created next to ours.  We will again be hosting the Kids Corner, Larry has lots of beads left over from last year.  We will raffle off a Lew Rod/reel combo at the show.  Also we will raffle off a Boys and Girls fishing outfit.  The drawings will be on Facebook Live on the Steel City Bassmasters Facebook page at 4:00pm on January 7th.

The club will be meeting on Saturday night @ 7PM for a fun evening at Zapatas.  Each member is responsible for their own purchases.  Mike Vallino will be organizing the tables, right now he will get seating for 50 people.  Please let Mike know if you plan to attend Zapatas so he can adjust the accommodations as necessary BEFORE the dinner.

The Banquet will be held January 13th.  Carl Gansner said he worked tirelessly to secure the same menu as last year.  The banquet will be held on Jan. 13 and will again be at the Collinsville Knights of Columbus Hall
One Columbus Plaza Collinsville, IL 62234  map it

Larry has been busy decoding the data and preparing the slide show for the banquet, Steve Ficker is arranging table coverings for the banquet.

Barry Koblitz motioned that we adjourn the meeting and that was seconded by Rudy Cardenas.  Meeting adjourned at 3:14pm then the membership sung Christmas Carols while wrapping the presents for their spouses.  Wow, some of the diamonds the guys got their significant others were incredible!

50/50 was won by Jack Watkins whom promptly spent his newfound winnings on more wrapping paper for the guys to wrap their wives presents.

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